Canada’s premier hub for referring and training internal & external workplace investigators

The WORKPLACE INVESTIGATOR NETWORK (WIN) helps internal and external workplace investigators develop the skills they need to competently conduct an investigation with confidence.

WIN also provides organizations immediate referrals to qualified and trauma-informed investigators in Canada.

A workplace investigation poorly handled can be stressful and damaging to the investigator, organization and individuals involved. Unskilled and unqualified investigators exacerbate the problem. Far too often organizations do not see the need for workplace investigator professional development until there is an immediate need.

WIN is the go-to resource for workplace investigation training, mentoring, education, and networking.

WIN supports the professional development of internal and external workplace investigators through the delivery of industry recognized online and interactive training courses.

WIN provides investigators with 24-hour access to tools that help equip them to assess investigation issues efficiently and effectively.


WIN connects organizations (within 48 hours or less) with professionally trained and experienced investigators who can start immediately!

WIN’s Thought Leader, Founder & CEO

Cheryl is a happily retired lawyer who is an industry expert in Canada in the art of workplace investigations. She has been in this line of work for almost three decades and is considered one of the “pioneers” of workplace investigations.

In her career, she has conducted thousands of investigations, and has served as a subject matter expert to media outlets, the legal profession, and industry conferences. Cheryl has been instrumental in helping to define and refine the workplace investigation process, and loves mentoring investigators to become the best they can be.

Upcoming Training

How to be an Effective Workplace Investigator

June 2023

Join us for 4 half days of interactive training where we will work through a real case from beginning to end – you will even get to interview live actors!

Learn more.

Here’s what a past participant had to say about our training:

Next Steps

If you are a workplace investigator who wants to make sure they are current with best practices, we have training and webinars that will help to ensure your skills keep you at the top of your field.

Click here to find all our training courses and webinars.

If you need advice on an investigation you are conducting, you can benefit from WIN’s highly experienced mentors who can help you navigate the curveballs an investigation might throw at you.

Click here to find out more about mentoring.

If you are an organization that has a complaint and needs an external workplace investigator … like yesterday, WIN has a roster of trauma informed and experienced investigators from across Canada.

Click here if you need a referral to an investigator.

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