What Do I Do When I Don’t Have Any Witnesses?

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The Investigation of Unwitnessed Allegations

The investigation of unwitnessed events – the classic “He-Said/She-Said” scenario – are some of the most difficult and complex matters workplace investigator’s can be asked to undertake. To do so successfully requires sophisticated planning, preparation, interviewing and reporting skills.

In particular, the credibility building blocks must be established during an investigation so that the necessary analysis and assessment of the relative credibility of the parties’ evidence can be undertaken to allow sound, logical and defensible findings to be made by the investigator.

In this webinar with John Farren, we will discuss the common problems that investigators encounter when investigating unwitnessed workplace allegations and his firm’s new eLearning training course “Getting Beyond He-Said/She-Said”.

John Farren

John is an employment lawyer, former barrister and Director of Australian law firm Farren McRae Workplace Lawyers and Consultants.

As well as being a trusted legal adviser and advocate for both employers and employees in relation to a wide range of employment law issues, John has over 20 years’ experience in undertaking complex workplace investigations relating to misconduct, corrupt conduct, bullying and workplace harassment, serious disciplinary matters (including Code of Conduct breaches), grievances, discrimination and worker’s compensation issues.

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