Wearing 2 Hats: Mediating Workplace Complaints

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Can We Use Mediation or a Facilitated Conversation Process During a Workplace Investigation?

It depends!

In this session we will discuss:

  • What is Mediation and Facilitated Conversation?
  • When can we use these processes in the workplace?
  • Can these processes be an option instead of an investigation? 
  • Can we use these resources during an investigation?
  • What are the some considerations if these processes are a possibility? Trauma, sexual harassment, sexual assault, power imbalance
  • Is it a conflict to switch hats? Investigator to Mediator

In this webinar the panel of Grace Baker, Caitlin Williams and Tom Girling will discuss if, how, and when a mediation or facilitated conversation process may be used during an investigation.

Grace Baker

Grace has many years of experience as a workplace investigator in the areas of bullying, personal harassment, discriminatory harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment and conduct issues in unionized and non-unionized matters. Grace is also a Chartered Mediator with over twenty years of experience helping people solve issues. She has completed investigations for small companies, large conglomerates, government, municipalities, academic institutions and others. In addition, Grace is specialized in providing trauma informed services and has a counselling background in mental health, addictions and partner violence. 

Caitlin Williams

Caitlin has extensive experience and training as a workplace investigator, mediator and workplace conflict management specialist. She currently works with a broad variety of workplaces including union and non-unionized settings, non-profit organizations, cultural groups, small and large businesses, educational institutions, crown corporations and municipalities. Blending her background of mental health and conflict resolution, Caitlin conducts investigations and facilitated processes that are trauma informed, culturally competent and efficient while at the same time providing practical strategies to resolve organizational conflict and restore relationships.

Tom Girling

Tom served as a member of the Ontario Provincial Police for 37 years. He has held many positions within the police service and led teams across Ontario. During the latter part of Tom’s policing career, he began conducting workplace investigations within the police service. He graduated with an Executive Certificate in Conflict Management and added mediation to the services he provides, mediating complaints of conflict between officers and civilians. Seeing the need to provide workplaces additional services, Tom furthered his knowledge and skills and provides workplace assessments and restoration as a certified Workplace Fairness Analyst. 

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