Trauma Informed Approach – 4 Part Series

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Prerecorded Webinar Series

This 4-part series provides valuable and practical information on

how to conduct a trauma informed investigation.

Session 1 – Trauma Informed Practices

This session introduces the concept of how a trauma informed approach to investigations is essential to understanding its impact on the workplace. Investigators will become familiar with how different types of trauma may present in people, and how trauma sensitivity is important to every working environment.

Session 2: Conducting Trauma Informed Interviews

This session introduces concepts and suggestions on how to interview witnesses who may have experienced trauma. Knowing the right questions to ask will contribute to a better interview, and provide a more accurate understanding for further investigation.

Session 3: Understanding Trauma Response Techniques

This session introduces the ways in which responsive strategies and techniques assist those who have experienced trauma. The secondary impacts to families, workplaces, and even to investigators are explored, with important information on the value of self care.

Session 4: Creating Trauma Informed Workplaces

This session introduces the reasons why a trauma informed workplace is essential to a healthy workplace. Identifying either the presence, or absence, of trauma sensitivity in the worksite contributes to a holistic investigation, and will assist investigators in making effective recommendations to employers for an overall supportive and safe work environment.

This webinar series will be facilitated by Kristan Brodoway who has extensive experience working in the criminal justice field.

Kristan Brodoway is considered an expert and leader in trauma informed approaches aimed at the rehabilitation of women and has implemented women centred approaches to programs and interventions nationally. Kristan holds a BA degree in Psychology and Women’s Studies.

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