Releasing the Investigation Report

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Releasing the Investigation Report – A Critical Step in the Process

As Workplace Investigators we play a role in setting the stage for resolution and assisting with the healing process. The impact of releasing the Investigation Report can be significant to the parties and other stakeholders. Knowing how to effectively communicate the outcome of an investigation is an essential skill of an Investigator and requires thoughtful consideration and regard for those involved in the investigation process.

In this session, we will cover:

  • What is the lay of the land at the conclusion of an investigation?
  • How to identify stakeholders and determine what and who will be advised of the outcome/receive the Report
  • How to address those who are not privy to the outcome (e.g., witnesses)
  • How to communicate the results – what works & what doesn’t’
  • Is the issue of ‘trauma’ a consideration?

This engaging session will be presented by Jennifer Pernfuss, and we are confident Jennifer’s unique approach could well be a game-changer in terms of how you do your work.

Jennifer Pernfuss

Jennifer Pernfuss is a former lawyer and workplace investigator, and a seasoned restoration practitioner, who brings a unique systems-inspired lens to her work. She is trained as a mediator and is a certified organization relationship system coach.

She is retained by organizations in Canada and the US to help parties repair their
working relationships and shift cultures often post-investigation.

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