Managing Difficult Personalities in Investigations – Including Your Own! June 22, 2023

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Some people would argue that the best investigators have superior communication skills. They possess the ability to be strategic, communicate with empathy, find ways to build rapport, and develop atmospheres that create a sense of comfort and safety for those they interview. But, despite having these skills we still run into the occasional person who simply chooses to be difficult. Being argumentative, refusing to participate, attempting to control the interview, even being rude, and threatening.

This upcoming webinar, conducted by Dean Benard, will cover tips and strategies you can implement to address these behaviours and get past the obstacles some interviewees create. Getting out of your own way is often a good start, so we will also look at how you can communicate in a way the prevents some of this behaviour.

Dean Benard

Dean is the CEO of Benard + Associates. His 25 years of experience as an investigator in regulatory and workplace matters makes him a sought after speaker and educator on investigations and conflict resolution. He has investigated hundreds of cases involving allegations of harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination and general misconduct. Dean has an eclectic career history prior to starting Benard + Associates, including positions as a Registered Nurse, Police Officer, and Manager of Investigations at Canada’s largest health regulator. He is a Chartered Mediator with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada, and most recently completed a post graduate certificate at Cornell University on Diversity and Inclusion.

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