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Understanding the Difference Between Findings of Fact, Credibility and Law

Making findings of fact can be challenging and workplace investigators sometimes conflate findings of fact with credibility findings and legal conclusions. As we know, it sometimes can be the most difficult part of an investigation!

In this session presented by Lauren Bernardi, we will explore the difference between the three types of findings of fact. We will also talk about how to make the appropriate findings and how to analyze and discuss them in your investigation report.

Lauren Bernardi

Lawyer & Human Resource Advisor

Lauren has dedicated her practice to creating positive and psychologically healthy and
safe workplaces. She works extensively in the field of workplace respect, harassment
and violence. She frequently conducts respect in the workplace training sessions;
represents employers and employees in human rights complaints; prepares harassment
and code of conduct policies; and provides individual sensitivity training. Since 1998
Lauren has been investigating harassment complaints including sexual and gender-
based harassment, systemic racism and bullying.

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