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Prerecorded Webinar

Assessing credibility & determining deception factors

in workplace investigations

A high percentage of bullying and harassment incidents occur when there are no witnesses. The Reporting Party says one thing and the Responding Party says the opposite. Who’s telling the truth? The responsibility is yours, as a Workplace Investigator, to make the decision as to what, or as close, to what happened. What is the standard of proof? What tips the scale in favour of one party over the other? What factors can help you meet the 51% balance of probabilities? In this webinar you will learn how to assess credibility, and some tools to recognize behaviors that might indicate if someone is being deceptive.

This webinar will be presented by Cheryl Otto, WIN Founder & CEO, who has over 25 years of experience as a workplace investigator, and Grace Baker, a workplace investigator and chartered mediator with over twenty years of experience in assessing credibility and reading deception indicators.

Grace Baker

Grace has many years of experience as a mediator and workplace investigator in the areas of bullying, personal harassment, discriminatory harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment and conduct issues. She has worked in unionized and non-unionized matters. She has completed investigations for small companies, large conglomerates, government, municipalities, academic institutions and others. In addition, Grace is specialized in providing trauma informed services and has a counselling background in mental health, addictions and partner violence.

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