Key Legal Issues for Workplace Investigators

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Prerecorded Webinar

This webinar provides workplace investigators with information on three legal issues that they should keep in mind at the start of any investigation.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  1. Is an investigation required ?

There is often a rush to commence an investigation once a complaint is received. It is important at the start of any investigation to carefully review the complaint and any applicable policies and legislation to determine whether an actual breach is identified. If there is no identifiable breach, an investigation may not be required.

  1. Solicitor-client privilege

We will discuss the purpose of solicitor client privilege in investigations, why it is important, and what is required to cloak a report with privilege.

  1. Potential liability for a flawed investigation

Employers are liable for actions they take as a result of a flawed investigation. We will discuss the financial consequences and risks of personal liability to investigators for investigations gone wrong.

Carolyn MaCeachern

This webinar will be presented by Carolyn MacEachern who is a partner with Young Anderson, where she advises clients on all areas of law related to the workplace, including human rights, labour relations, employment and privacy law. Carolyn regularly retains investigators to conduct workplace investigations for her clients. With over 20 years of experience, Carolyn tries to find solutions to workplace issues that are cost-effective, avoid unnecessary litigation and conflict, and help build and maintain a positive workplace culture.

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