How do Workplace Investigators Handle Evidence from Cell Phones and Computers?

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Employees use computers, cell phones, tablets or, a combination of all three, more than ever. That means that these devices can be a rich source of evidence to determine what was done or said.

As workplace investigators, you’ll encounter digital evidence on a regular basis and knowing about what evidence can be found, what it means, what it tells us and how it is to be handled is extremely important.

In this webinar, presented by Tyler Hatch, we examined the basics of these devices and digital forensics including terminology and processes. This will help you to better understand how to learn the most from these treasure troves of evidence and use it in your workplace investigations!

Tyler Hatch

Tyler is a former practicing litigation lawyer in B.C. and currently a certified digital forensics examiner who founded DFI Forensics in July 2018. He is also a Court-certified digital forensics expert witness who excels in comprehensive digital investigations in cases involving mobile forensics, computer forensics, business email compromises, social media, metadata analysis, text message and communication apps for civil litigation, employment and workplace investigation matters.

Tyler is also a Digital Forensics and incident response enthusiast, YouTube digital forensics video content creator, digital forensics blogger, published digital forensics article writer and host of The Digital Forensics Files Podcast.

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