Getting Beyond “He Said/She Said”

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Farren McRae has developed the ‘Getting Beyond “He Said/She Said”‘ course of four eLearning modules to lift your investigative skills to an expert level. These modules will specifically develop the skills you need to effectively investigate unwitnessed workplace events and deliver sound, logical and defensible reports that can be safely relied on by your clients.

The course of eLearning modules is professional training that you can complete at your own pace and return to whenever desired. It contains four expertly designed modules based on extensive experience in all aspects of workplace investigations.

The modules are:

  • Planning to Get Beyond “He Said/She Said”
  • Preparing to Get Beyond “He Said/She Said”
  • Interviewing to Get Beyond “He Said/She Said”
  • Reporting to Get Beyond “He Said/She Said”

This course has been developed by our Affiliate, Farren McRae Workplace Training, a firm that provides pragmatic and effective workplace law, mediation, facilitated discussion, workplace reviews and workplace investigation services throughout Australia.

John Farren

John has extensive experience in all aspects of workplace and employment law. He has advised and represented numerous employers and employees across the public sector, not for profit, statutory authorities and private sector. Dispute resolution through both advocacy in the courts and tribunals and skilled negotiation are John’s areas of special interest and experience.

In addition to his legal experience, John has over 20 years’ experience in undertaking complex workplace investigations relating to misconduct, corrupt conduct, bullying and workplace harassment, serious disciplinary matters (including Code of Conduct breaches), grievances, discrimination and worker’s compensation issues.

Alison McRae

Alison specialises in resolving workplace conflict for parties in dispute, whether that conflict is beginning to simmer or is at the formal level of a complaint to an independent government body specialising in the investigation of corruption.

Her conflict resolution expertise extends across workplace reviews, facilitated discussions, mediation, workplace investigations and their independent reviews.

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