Imagine how valuable it would be to have a personal mentor to share your challenges and validate your investigation approach. Consider the value of learning and practicing investigation skills to help you become more confident and comfortable with the process.

WIN’s laser-focused mentoring sessions provide a 1-on-1 opportunity to receive unbiased feedback and constructive support on your investigation so you can gain confidence and minimize your risk. The mentor affords you access to a sounding board for all your workplace investigation questions.

We provide confidential guidance to both internal and external investigators throughout all stages of an investigation process. We also assist as editors, providing a final check and balance in the formal investigation report.  

WIN’s mentors are investigation and conflict resolution experts that have conducted over 500 workplace discrimination, harassment and bullying investigations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. They have also trained 1,000+ external and internal investigators. 

When you work with a WIN mentor, you are adding decades of experience to your investigation process. The next step is to find out if having a mentor is a good fit for you.

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